Beautiful music for Special Occasions


About Us

Serendipity (n): the making of happy and unexpected discoveries by accident or when looking for something else (New Shorter OED)

Chris and Rey met while playing in a teachers' recorder group. On discovering that we also played the flute and guitar respectively, we took the opportunity to perform on those instruments in concert. Thus was Serendipity serendipitously born!

As a duo, we have been playing music for special occasions since 1998. In 2003 we recorded our first CD at Blue Moon Studios in Banbury. A further recording is planned this year featuring music for relaxation.

In 2007, Keith was recommended to us by a mutual friend and we were immediately impressed with his versatility and technical virtuosity. Soon after that we gave a concert to a capacity audience and the trio was established.

With our classical training and experience playing in various orchestras and ensembles, our sight reading of new music is advanced and allows us to quickly prepare new arrangements for different situations.

Amplification is available for the semi-acoustic guitar and flute when needed, allowing us to play in any venue — hotel, conference centre, marquee or garden — and still be heard. However, we take great care not to be intrusive when playing in a background situation so that guests can talk freely and easily.